Research / QI / Audit

We strive to enable collaborative working across the network. If you have any suggested topics what would benefit from a team effort then please get in touch via the contact page.


Our local NW research and audit group is a good place to start (NWRAG)

Obstetric anaesthetists with an interest in research include: Dr Kailash Bhatia – MFT

QI and Audit

When it comes to QI and Audit, here are some useful resources

Raising the Standards: RCoA Quality Improvement Compendium. Chapter 7: Obstetric Practice

Research, audit and quality improvement e-learning resource for healthcare professionals.

Module 1: Research and Audit

Module 2: Perioperative Improvement Science and Management

Register for Audit / QI e-learning at e-learning for health registration

Want to work with us or have an idea?

Collaborative projects

Current projects with details of project leads

Dr Louise England (GOAL GM trainee representative)

Neuro monitoring safety guideline project:

Project overview –

Dr Rupert Harris

Remifentanil understanding regional practice

Dr Dani Eusuf

Epidural Training Passport / PDPH booklet implementation


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