About us

GoalGM – Group of Anaesthetists of Lancashire and Greater Manchester

GoalGM is a network of obstetric anaesthetic clinical leads from across Lancashire and Greater Manchester. The network has been established with the purpose of

·     Enabling communication between the obstetric anaesthesia leads in the hospitals in the region

·     Encouraging shared learning across our region

·     Working with NWRAG to support collaborative QI / research / audit across the region

·     Signposting of useful information and links

·     Providing contacts for enquiries about fellowship opportunities

This website will be used as the portal for information.

A trainee and fellow representative will soon be joining our team.

Consultant Obstetric Anaesthetic Leads

Follow this link for Consultant Obstetric Anaesthetic Leads in all of our network hospitals.

Want more information? Or have any suggestions?

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